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Palo Santo Incense Benefits

Palo Santo is a type of tree native to South America. It’s also known as holy wood, and it’s been used for centuries for spiritual purposes. Palo Santo is prized for its sweet-smelling smoke, which many people associate with healing. This article will explain some of the health benefits of burning Palo Santo incense and where you can purchase high quality and sustainable sticks online.

What is Palo Santo?
Palo Santo (also known as Holy Wood) is a type of aromatic wood that comes from the Bursera Graveolens tree. It’s been used for centuries by ancient cultures in Peru, where it’s been burned ceremonially to promote healing and purification. Palo Santo means “Holy Stick” in Spanish and its name stems from the fact that its smoke has traditionally been associated with sacred ceremonies. Palo Santo has a sweet scent that some people describe as similar to frankincense or myrrh; others say it smells like pine or citrus.

Where does Palo Santo come from?
Palo Santo is a tree that grows in South America. The wood is collected from the branches and trunk of the Palo Santo tree, which are then dried in the sun for at least 5 years before being cut into sticks, incense sticks or cones. This slow drying process allows for all of the essential oils and healing properties to be preserved within each piece of Palo Santo, making it more than just an incense—it’s also a potent aromatherapy tool. The sustainable harvesting of Palo Santo means that you can use it with peace of mind that you are not contributing to deforestation or other environmental issues, but rather helping its existence.

How do I use Palo Santo?
Now that you’re a Palo Santo expert, it’s time to put your knowledge to work! There are two main ways of using Palo Santo: burning the sticks directly in incense holders or using a natural incense stick based on Palo Santo wood.
If you want to burn the sticks directly, light one end and let it burn for about 30 seconds before blowing out the flame and letting it smolder for another minute or so before extinguishing completely. Be sure not to leave a lit stick unattended. For those who don’t want to keep lighting up the wood stick every minute after it turns off, there are natural incense sticks based on Palo Santo that can last for 50 minutes or more and may have other plants that add more aromatic notes. Simply light up the incense stick for a few seconds before blowing the flame and let it sit in an incense holder.

What are the health benefits of using Palo Santo?
If you’ve ever felt like the universe was conspiring against you, or if you’re just really stressed out, Palo Santo can help. The benefits of Palo Santo include its ability to clear negative energy, relieve stress and anxiety, calm the mind and bring order to chaos. In addition to being a great stress reliever and mood booster, aromatherapy also has a whole host of other benefits. For example: some mixes of Palo Santo and plants can be of great help for mood swings, concentration, creativity and aid sleep.

Is Palo Santo safe to burn around children, pets, or pregnant women?
Palo Santo is a natural product and it has never been shown to be toxic to humans. The smoke from all Palo Santo based incense is non-toxic, even though its recommended keeping them out of the reach of children, it isn’t harmful for them or pregnant women. Palo Santo incense is also safe for pets because it does not irritate their lungs or eyes like regular charcoal-based incense can do. The only precautions are that you keep your pet away from biting the incense or stepping on it while burning.

Where is the best place to purchase Palo Santo incense sticks?
When searching for a trustful source to buy Palo Santo natural incense sticks make sure to verify they are coming from a sustainable origin and are actively contributing to native communities. Our incense is available on Amazon US and through our distributors network worldwide.

The best place to buy Palo Santo incense sticks is at a local retailer that you trust and can ensure their sustainable origin or online stores that show their source. They tend to be more expensive than regular incense made of charcoal for the reasons you now know. Its benefits, the way its sustainably harvested and the craftmanship involved in their making process make this incense one of the most valuable. Do not hold back when asking for the source used to make this type of incense, question their quality, sustainability and contribution to their community.

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