Premium incense based on sustainably harvested Peruvian Palo Santo wood

Peruvian Palo Santo – Based Incense

Ispalla is a line of premium incense made with Peruvian palo santo. It is designed to offer palo santo lovers a pleasant, natural, and long-lasting aromatic experience. With the authentic aroma of palo santo, we provide a sense of well-being and harmony in any space.

How we became palo santo-based incense?

It began with a simple question: How can we offer the same aromatic experience of Peruvian palo santo, but with longer-lasting and uninterrupted fragrance, while preserving its natural aroma and authenticity?

Founded in early 2019, Ispalla seized an opportunity to elevate Palo Santo wood in incense, crafting authentic and long-lasting aromatic experiences with 100% natural, highest quality ingredients. 

Since then, Ispalla has evolved into a trusted company offering a range of fragrances that promote well-being and harmonize any space, while preserving the natural and authentic aroma of Palo Santo. 

Continually expanding, Ispalla now reaches over 30 countries worldwide, offering more than 10 unique fragrances in various presentations.


At Ispalla, we are committed to environmental consciousness through the development of incenses and actions to preserve Palo Santo and benefit our communities.

1) Preserving Palo Santo

We collect Palo Santo sustainably, using only naturally fallen trees at the end of their life cycle. 

2) Practicing Fair Trade

We ensure fair payment to our supplier communities, based on principles of equity. We commit to open and constant communication, ensuring transparency and accountability throughout our supply chain.

3) Zero Charcoal

All our incenses are made from Palo Santo and other natural ingredients from regions of Peru, guaranteeing a relaxing and safe experience for our consumers.

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