Ispalla was born when we realized that there were many incenses to meditate, smoke, or aromatherapy; however, its quality standards were not what people needed. Generally,  Palo Santo incense is mixed with some chemicals that lose its essence and its effects on the spirit and body.

It is for this reason that we created Ispalla, to offer all Palo Santo lovers an incense made of 100% tree resin, handcrafted with wood collected from the dry forests of Piura. After this, we came up with the idea of ​​making incenses that group different groups of resins to make much stronger incense rituals and generate incredible relaxation experiences and that was how we came up with the presentations of Palo Santo-Copal and Palo Santo – Myrrh. We will probably continue to create more scents while maintaining the premise of offering naturally made incense.

We are a Peruvian brand that seeks to change the way Palo Santo incense is perceived, we work with the community ensuring that all the products we sell come from a sustainable source and no ecosystem is damaged in its extraction. Our mission is to make the benefits of Peruvian herbs and trees recognized all over the world and that we are perfectly capable of providing a product with a Premium, handmade and eco-friendly finish.

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